I’m a first year PhD student researching theatre education at The University of Warwick. I also live in North London, and occasionally run theatre workshops for young people.

I’ve christened myself the angry hungry researcher after a comment my supervisor made to this effect, stating it was both my biggest strength and weakness in my academic writing. Good because I take a stance and am grafting to get published and conferencing before my PhD is out, and bad because, frankly, my stuff is often heavily argued and lightly referenced.

So I figured, while I work on that, I’ll need a place to vent my anger even-handed, considered critique at various issues in my discipline and academia in general, and feed my hunger of forcing my views on the world.

Expect rants ranging across subjects such as: the UK education system, the role of theatre, arts and culture in said education, and the regulations of The British Library reading rooms, to name but a few.

Like a rhino, I sometimes get angry because I’m confused. So when I find things that help me feel less confused (Pat Thomson’s blog nearly always helps with this) I’ll let you know.

I’m also pretty much always hungry in the food sense too, and as I spend much of my time studying in various cafes across London, I might sometimes give you a break from my spleen and let you know what I think of them.


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